The resin for exceptional corrosion casts with custom fluorescent dyes assisting visualization

The combination of vascular corrosion casting with new imaging technologies has enormous potential for phenotyping disease models and profiling drug effects, but requires  a high-performing casting material.

Based on the extensive experience with casting of different species we developed a new polyurethane resin with superior chemical and physical characteristics. The simplified method produces replicas of even the finest vasculature with minimal shrinking. An additional advantage is that casts are highly resilient, allowing easy dissection of tissue and organs before and after maceration. Combined with the custom dyes, even the smallest vessels are vividly colored facilitating the inspection of casts under the light microscope.
The new resin PU4ii is resistant to ordinary acid and basic chemical treatment, can be imaged using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), microcomputed tomography (microCT), or confocal microscopy.

A diverse group of international scientists founded vasQtec in 2004 at the University of Zürich in Switzerland, with the intention of further improving polyurethane based casting resins and the associated technology of advanced vascular casting. An integral part of vasQtec’s mission is to share its experience and material with other interested researchers at nominal cost.